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Which of the following statements is the LEAST ACCURATE with respect to the use of earnings yield (E/P)?

I. Earnings yield should increase as the P/E ratio decreases for a stock.
II. When ranking stocks in terms of valuation, E/P may be used even if earnings are negative for certain firms.
III. Earnings yield can be positive even when earnings are negative.
IV. A high earnings yield would be preferred, holding everything else constant.
Correct Answer: III

Since earnings is one of the components of the E/P ratio, a negative earnings would also imply that earnings yield is negative.

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danlan2 Is II correct?
mdags Re: II => E/P maintains high-to-low rank even when comparing firms w/ negative earnings. P/E does not.
ikaneng IV: why would it be preferred?
JimM ikaneng -- high earnings yield is preferred because you get more bang for your investment dollar, a bigger claim on earnings.
Tony1234 E/P is the inverse of P/E. low P/Es are a sign of a stock being relatively undervalued. therefore a High E/P is also a sign of a stock being relatively undervalued.
past1sttime 1 should be false if earnings r negative earnings yield will not increase and the pe ratio will decrease
oregan you should assume they are all positive by default.
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