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After eight years of claiming compliance, a firm has to present a minimum ______-year performance.
A. five
B. eight
C. ten
Explanation: A firm must present additional annual performance up to ten years (at a minimum) after the firm presents five years of compliance history.

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Yooo How does a firm present ten years if it is in existence for 8 years? Obviously, the goal is to have 10-year compliant track-record?
torture Note the firm has claimed compliance for 8 years, not it has existed for 8 years!
anuman How can the firm which has claimed compliance for 8 years but only has 9 years of history in total present 10 years record?
mary good question. It's stated so in the GIPS this way. Maybe we should ask CFA Institute for an explanation?
pjudin guys, you need to be more attentive: the firm has to build towards a 10 year compliance recored..
p.s. I got this question wrong..
wollogo The firm needs to have 5 years of performance data to initially claim compliance, therefore after 5 years of claiming compliance the firm should have 10 years of performance data.

However the firm can also present performance 'since inception' e.g. if a company has been GIPS compliant for 5 years but has introduced a new fund/composite 2 years ago then obviouslly they can only present 2 years of data. My interpretation is that they would still be compliamt as long as the calculation methods used are GIPS compliant.
akanimo In the first year of compliance a firm must have 5yrs of data to claim compliance b/cos the standard requires minimum of 5yrs data (GIPS i)
Follow the math:
- Year 1 : 5 years data
- Year 2 : 6 years data
- Year 3 : 7 years data
- Year 6 : 10 years data
- Year 7 : 11 years data
- Year 8 : 12 years data
However the GIPS i standard only requires that 10yrs of data be presented so from Year 7 they are allowed to drop off the oldest year data and present last 10yrs
valeris I think that 8 can still be the right answer if:
The firm has been reporting in accordance with GIPS from the inception. That still counts as compliance as long as they note "since inception".

Year 1: 1 year of data
Year 2: 2 years of data
Year 8: 8 years of data
surob From the given information, it is reasonable to assume that the firm has already been compliant with GIPS for 5 yrs, per the GIPS requirement. After 5 yrs of compliance, the firm can claim itself as GIPS comliant firm. So, as far as they are claiming 8 yrs of compliance, they should be actually complying with GIPS for 13yrs. Thus, they can claim 10 yr comliance with GIPS without question. Note that the first 3 yrs of historical performance/data is no longer needed to present for compliance purposes. Hopefully, it makes sense to everybody.
motoloco I got C, but i agree with valeris..if firm has been reporting from inception it also could be 8 years - therefore B is also correct
achu The true 'lowest possible' min is indeed 8 years, but that's not what the question writer intended. (s)he should have written "a company which has been in business for twenty years and claiming 8 years of compliance..." . This would have resolved the issue.
pmulenga Akanimo has given a comprehensive analysis and that is the reasoning behind this question. I was thrown out. Thanks
dand1 Dont like this.. I thought you could claim GIPS compliance if the firm is younger than 5 years but as long as the firm discloses the fact?
isabellaa this is not a well formulated question... how can the company present 10 years if we're not sure they exist since 10 years?
Surob not correct the company can say compliant as of inception but needs to collect data. valeris is right
Inaganti6 @isabella it's all semantics. They're implying that the next objective for the firm should be claim compliance for the upcoming two years.
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