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If you wrote down your weight, the number would be (a) ______.

A. sample
B. variable
C. data
Correct Answer: C

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Arron Variable vs data?
bobbi weight is the variable.
number of weight is the data,since it's a single number.
Bibhu When we don't present the information for statistical purposes, its mere data.
kigston An identified piece of data. A variable is a named container for data.
Ioannis "Weight" is a variable
The array of weights (30,28,32,29) for a group of children is "data".
2014 Data is iformation about variable(weight)
gill15 I was going to skip this entire section cause i thought it was a still is a joke but you have to do the questions...
r2gleason INCORRECT! The correct answer is DATUM (singular for data)

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