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The ages of all college students in Alabama are a ______.

A. population
B. sample
C. statistic
Correct Answer: A

This collection of numbers would be a population.

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bobbi all means populatiom
limpus I disagree, "all college students in Alabama" is the population. Their age is a parameter, is it not?
sumeet1982 not sure. even my first reaction was "population" but i tend to agree with limpus. so is it population or statistic? more opinions please.
Carter Population. Consider what we are measuring. We want to measure the age not the students. We're talking about data collection here.

What is our data? Ages. A parameter of the population would be oldest, for example, or youngest. It is a characteristic that we could measure if we could include all the ages of all college students in Alabama.

If it were a statistic, we would not be using the ages of all the students but instead, say, 5,000 students that attend college in Alabama.
chuong We have both sides: A) students is population and age is statistics (exampe in sample of 100 randomly selected student, we have 10% of them have are over than 30 year old). B) age is population and student is statistics (example select the age of 20 from the rages of ages (0-100 years old) we have 48% is boy and 52% is girl).
soarer1 "All" = Population
gulfa99 Agree with limpus.
2014 Sample and statistics u can never collect of all students; so answer is straight
johntan1979 My first reaction is parameter.

Things like age, weight, height are definitely parameters or statistics.

But considering the options available, the most viable answer is A, because B and C are worse choices.
Amrokken key word ageS ...plural
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