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When you buy a one-dollar ticket for the Florida Lotto, you are trying to match six numbers drawn from 53 numbers, in any order. How many different tickets are possible?

A. 536
B. 22,957,480
C. 53P6
Correct Answer: B

53C6 = 53!/[(53 - 6)! x 6!] = 22,957,480

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ione isn't lotto numbers can be repeated?
noonah No ione, lotto numbers cannot be repeated.
mtcfa I have a BA II Plus. When I do factorials with large numbers (anything greater than 13), I get things like 2.3564849 13, which I think is scientific notation. How do I handle problems with such large numbers?
tenny45 mtcfa, maybe try the format button and change the decimal places
steved333 It does that because there are not enough spaces on the screen of the calculator to show the whole means 2.3564849 x 10^13. That means the number is 14 digits long.
clafleur just use the nPr and nCr buttons, [2nd]+ or -
jainrajeshv In any order is a key word herer
rfvo Ok, here it is order does not matter...hence BAii 53 2nd nCr 6 = XXXXX
tschorsch the formula results in 53! / (47! x 6!)


53! / 47! is just 53 x 52 x 51 x 50 x 49 x 48
dcfa when order matters nPr
when order does not matter, nCr
Matt26 thanks dcfa
Yrazzaq88 BA Plus:

53 (2nd) nCr 6 = 22,957, 480
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