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Assume that a risk-averse investor owning stock in White Corporation decides to add the stock of either Black or Green Corporation to her portfolio. All three stocks offer the same expected return and total risk. The covariance of returns between White and Black is -0.05 and between White and Green is +0.05. Portfolio risk is expected to ______

A. decline more by buying Black.
B. decline more by buying Green.
C. increase by buying either Black or Green.
D. decline or increase depending on other factors.
Correct Answer: A

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harshjit adding black corp, to the portfolio, negative covariance (-0.5) reduces the risk
tom1980 how about the additional variance of the black corp itself?
dobrekone tom1980: It was stated that: "All three stocks offer the same expected return and --total risk--".
Meaning, the total variance of the black corp is the same as of the green.
mordja It wouldnt matter regardless of individual variance, it is covariance that matters to the overall portfolio varance.
johntan1979 Owh! I was thinking what about the covariance of Green-Black, and then I re-read the question...

"...decides to add the stock of EITHER Black or Green..."

gill15 Always bet on black
khalifa92 so she bought both stock or one?
questions like these make me question my English.
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