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Last year David worked as a CFA Institute exam grader. Earlier this year he decided to start a web site to provide test prep solutions for CFA candidates. On the home page of his site, he claimed that he was a former grader and discussed several exam questions he graded. Did David violate the standard?
Correct Answer: Yes

As a grader, he was required to sign a CFA Institute Grader Agreement and agreed not to reveal or discuss the exam materials with anyone outside the CFA Institute.

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asianl6 stupid question since we don't know about the agreement.
fool that's stated in the ethics book.
0is4eva In the CFA Curriculum it is often repeated under Standard VII A that:
"Mr X, by using his volunteer position at CFA Institute to benefit himself and his clients, compromises the reputation and integrity of CFA Institute and, thus, violates Standard VII(A)".

We don't need to know about the agreement to draw the conclusion that the intention of the web page is to benefit his "clients" (whether paying or not) and that he has made inappropriate reference to his volunteer position as a CFA Institute exam grader, and the services performed as a grader.
cahiz84 But, I think he is not giving any unfair advantage because it states: "Last year David worked", what means, he is not working anymore. It David was incurring a code voilation, I think Analyst Notes, Stalla and Schweser, all of them are incurring violations.
jainrajeshv No violation is to disclose the exam material, and about Analyst Notes, Stalla and Schweser they are not providing their service to CFA institute with regards to Exam.
dblueroom lol
rocyang If that holds true, no grader can ever work for a preparation service.
hmichta They can work for a prep service, as long as they don't disclose the Q's they graded, nor use the fact that they were graders to get a competitive advantage over other prep companies.
gulfa99 i think the question more relates to CFA goodwill ;)
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