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Which one of the following statements about material non-public information is incorrect?
A. Restricting personal and proprietary trading will assist members in complying with the abovementioned standard of professional conduct.
B. A member may create and use material non-public information as long as the information is either constructed from publicly available information or non-material information.
C. An analyst will violate the above-mentioned standard of professional conduct if he makes use of the "mosaic theory."
Explanation: Insider trading should not result when a perceptive analyst reaches a conclusion about a corporate action through analysis of public information and items of non-material non-public information (that is, a "mosaic" of information).

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xtrailer CFA Institute recognizes Mosaic Theory and there is no violation if an analyst uses it.
teddajr Under mosaic theory, financial analysts are free to act without risking liability
krisscfa I dint see the word "incorrect" closely.
Hishy For B, does carrying out the Mosaic Theory "create" Material and Non-Public Information?
gill15 We're not supposed to restrict all proprietary trading. I didnt bother reading the other answers after A and chose that because of that....

I wouldn't be as lazy on the exam but still...we're not supposed to restrict proprietary unless certain circumstances arise..
MTenaglia A lesson in reading every word in the question
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