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Which of the following are appropriate elements of an effective proxy voting policy?

A. No distinction between routine and important proxies
B. Assuring timely receipt of materials
C. No statement of objectives of shareholders or beneficiaries
D. Consistently avoiding voting on controversial issues
Correct Answer: B

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ggupta Can somebody explain me how?
Hamish In order to lodge a proxy vote the shareholder must receive their voting forms well before the shareholder meeting. If the material is not received early enough the shareholder may not have time to return their voting form.
CheeHong The other 3 options are not even remotely close to being sensible...
mpapwa22 Ah ah ahCheehong pls. In an case you r right.Don't make much sense
gill15 I was thinking A) thinking was that all voting should be considered with the utmost importance regardless of what the votes are in regards to...

Again...I hate this section.
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