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A network executive has to decide on the programming line-up for Thursday night. If there are ten shows to choose from, how many six-show line-ups are possible?

A. 60
B. 1,000,000
C. 151,200
Correct Answer: C

10P6 = 10!/(10 - 6)! = 151,200

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dipta The question is not clear on whether ordering the shows matter
kunam the word line-up is the key
kunam yeah...Unclear... if the order is important then it needs to be 10C6 instead of 10P6...
kunam Oops.. 10 P 6 is correct given the word "line-up". Here order is important. so this is a permutation..
KD101 This is a tricky question if you are from non-english speaking countries. The word line-up is a hint
roninacolyte survivor....apprentice...fear factorial...
rfvo Come on people!! use your calculators thats what their meant i'll make it easy for you


10 2nd nPr 6 =151 200

Simple...and order matter in this case.
viannie Line-up so permutations.
1st line-up: 10 shows to choose from
2nd line-up: 9 shows to choose from (since 1 already selected and can't be selected more than once)
3rd line-up: 8 shows etc ...
panvino Thanks rfvo - and just saw there is also the function for combination formula - nPr is 2nd + sign, nCr is 2nd - sign.
Kennyk11 Just to be logical, you wouldn't want to air the same program in a row, which makes the orders matter, hence the use of nPr instead of nCr.

Well, that is, unless a program is super popular, in which case, keep showing it! :p
ashish100 Thanks rfvo!!

Your motivation is much appreciated!
fmunteanu I can see that people here try to find various explanations for the use of the permutation formula instead of the combination one. That's very good but that doesn't change the fact that the Q is poorly worded / misleading..
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