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A common problem faced when comparing various national stock indices across different countries is ______.

A. restrictions on capital flows in many countries
B. that the reported returns differ based on the currency used in the calculations
C. selecting the sample of stocks for inclusion in the index
Correct Answer: C

The problems faced when creating an international stock index are those of sample selection, weighting, and computational procedure.

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DariSH how should I understand this comparison of indexes is for making an international one? where is it in the question??
DonAnd "across differnt countries..."
johntan1979 Great question, DariSH! Try pressing Alt+F4 twice. Works for me.
ldfrench ^This guy is right.
maryprz14 lol
khalifa92 the questions asks for the problem when comparing and answers with the problem faced when creating
khalifa92 be cool boys
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