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Determine whether each random variable, x, is discrete or continuous.

I. The number of quarterbacks currently playing in the NFL
II. The current ages of the quarterbacks
Correct Answer: discrete; continuous

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soarer1 I hope we don't get US centered questions for the exam!
StanleyMo lol,i agree with you.

can guess with ages as continuos.
steved333 age is in a continuous state of change, so its continuous, no matter where you're from
RCapistrano This "US centered question" doesn't affect our ability to answer the question so this should be fine.
visiblebob Yes, no matter what you can't have half a quarterback. But if you insert goalies for quarterbacks and FIFA for NFL, the question might make more sense for the remainder of the world.
Lucas24 Visiblebob and Steved333. If u r not from america & don't like/don't know American football the likelyhood of wondering or not knowing what a quarterback is is very high, so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
chris12345 i hate the US. They think they are the centre of everything they even put themselves at the centre of the world map on some maps dont they know that some of us are from other places what the hell is a quarterback...some kind of burger?
thekid chris12345..
"some kind of a burger"... lol

BSwan chris kind of hypocritical to make such an ethnocentric comment while complaining about the ethnocentric nature of another nation don't you think? I could say something about the UK and their inflated sense of self-importance but I will refrain. U.S. is on the left side of the map in the Western Hemisphere by the way and the sun does set on your empire
hardway Chris would you care to comment on the Chinese "middle kingdom" attitude and world view?
NikolaZ What's wrong with you people?

The CFA Institute is based in virginia, in the United States. It is a program that was started by an Institute in the United States, if you do not like it, don't take it.
LoveIvie certainly making my question practise a lot more entertaining!
Thediceman not quarterpound
JMORALES Hey, I am a US citizen and former US Marine, if you don't like my country, go get endorsed by another program not based in the US!
Chl4072 May I know what is NFL...? Thanks...
daxian610 Why hating. Show love yall. #USA
ashish100 LMAO
maryprz14 God! So much hostility!!! why does it matter where we are from? we all are struggling with the whole bunch of crap study materials and it's painful enough... lol
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