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Both the CEO and a union representative serve as board members. They are categorized as ______.

I. executive board members
II. independent board members
III. non-executive board members
IV. independent executive board members
Correct Answer: I and III

The CEO is an executive board member and the union representative is a non-executive board member. IV is not a defined category on a board.

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Nikita that makes absolutely no sense!
nsmwaura Nikita? Why? the answer makes perfect sense... the CEO is an executive board member... union representative are not indipendent since they represent some vested interest
tonypractice Each belongs to a separate category so the answer should clearly read: I and III.
gill15 Nikita

This answer would make absolutely no sense if the answers were II and IV.

Since it's I and III - it's all good.
schweitzdm The answer should have more clarity. It does make sense but I believe the problem might be semantic here.

They do not both belong in I and III. CEO goes w/ I, union goes w/ III.
idzani Agree with schweitzdm. The question should have the word "respectively" at the end. I guess that's what Nikita is tryna say haha.
ibrahim18 Exactly. The question is so confusing. i would think only one answer is needed, not two. Question is not clear.
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