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For the hypothesis test below, the test value is ______.

A. 1.75
B. 1.93
C. -1.75
Correct Answer: A

The test value for the test of proportions is shown below.

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quincy why not use 0.78*(1-0.78)to compute the variance?
bigzero because we have the hypothesis MU=p,so Sigma=p(1-p). then take square root.
tenny45 where in the text is this equation shown? I thought i read the session but I don't remember seeing it...
achu bigzero actually answered quincy's question well.
StanleyMo test stastistic : = ( sample statistic - value of the population parameter under H0 ) / standard error of sample statistic
czar oh wow!!!
johntan1979 For alpha=.1, two-tailed 1.645, one-tailed, 1.282
sgossett86 the equation for variance is single bernoulli variable
schweitzdm terrible question. if you see data in red circles on the real exam, you're in the wrong test center. no explanation of what is going on plus it is completely foreign to the study notes for this los.
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