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If Gail's grade is currently a C and the grade she receives on her next exam is a B, ______

A. her overall grade will fall or at least remain the same.
B. her overall grade will improve.
C. her marginal grade is less than her average grade.
Correct Answer: B

When the marginal grade (B) exceeds the average grade (C), the average grade will improve.

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bahodir There is a nice example with GPAs in Michael Parkin's "Economics" book (btw, this book is recommended by the CFA institute). I suggest you read that example to understand all kinds of costs.
julescruis If only there was enough time....
jassosahan So very true
mwali Time is really running out.
Beret Nice question if you are not up to date with the grading system in the US. In europe we use real number for grading.
jpducros Beret, remember when you were at nursery, I'm sure you received some A, B, C grades.....or what is D ? ;-)
schweitzdm Is anyone able to provide a free link to the GPA example mentioned by @bahodir?
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