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In a liquidity trap, ______

I. the short-term nominal interest rate is zero.
II. monetary policy becomes completely ineffective.
Correct Answer: I and II

I. In this case, increasing money in circulation has no effect on either output or prices.

II. Consumers choose to avoid bonds and keep their funds in savings.

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jonan203 also known as keynesian end point...
ConcerNinE I don't understand why the nominal interest rate is 0 in this case. Could someone help me ?
Corey678 @ConcerNinE . I think its saying: "What should the Fed do in a liquidity trap situation"? Economics states low rates= higher supply of money so the Fed is trying to raise money supply/increase money velocity/positively spike demand by cutting rates to 0 (i.e. low rate) and increase liquidity. But the trap is reducing the effectiveness of the monetary policy implemented by the fed.
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