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Which statement is true?

A. Cash flow is real and not subject to the vagaries of GAAP or the whims of accountants.
B. Cash flow is measured by a standardized, immutable process, without the assumptions and interpretations inherent in the measurement of accrual-based income.
C. Because they can be readily confirmed, the balance in cash at a period's end and the total change in cash during a reporting period are not prone to misstatement.
Correct Answer: C

Like earnings, cash flow can be managed and cash flow classification is subject to manipulation, creating a misleading signal of sustainable financial performance.

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Inaganti6 How can you know unless you check the company's bank accounts ? This is really over optimistic I think. Anyone from India who remembers the Satyam scandal knows how imprudent it would be to believe the cash balance is accurate.
sshetty2 In the US at least; publicly traded companies have to release financial statements that have been audited
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