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What would happen if a CFA charterholder failed to pay annual CFA Institute dues?
Correct Answer: The person's use of the CFA designation would be suspended.

During this period the person cannot state or imply that he or she is an active CFA charterholder. However, the person can still state that he or she was awarded the CFA charter in the year of xxxx, as long as he or she does not imply that he or she is a current or practicing CFA charterholder.

After the person resumes paying CFA Institute dues, his or her right to use the CFA designation will be reinstated.

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kalps Membership suspended but can say that he was awareded a CFA charter in year XXXX
ff65834 money making scheme? nice little earner for CFA!
cahiz84 How much is the annual fee?
jmcarr02 Reference :

Member Dues
-You will be invoiced after your application has been accepted
-CFA Institute annual dues are US$225
-Society dues vary; visit your local society website for specific rates
-The CFA Institute member year runs from 1 July to 30 June; if you become a member for the first time after 1 January, you will be charged prorated dues for your initial member year
-Pay dues online - pay your dues and choose a subscription package
mrushdi How much is the life time membership fee.
tschorsch it depends on how long you intend to live. if you intend to live forever you will need to create a perpetuity, otherwise if you have not yet been granted immortality, you can just create an ordinary annuity.
rocyang :) good one!
sogah very funny tschorsch
johntan1979 $225 per annum is peanuts compared to the 5-, 6-figure monthly incomes you people will be earning as CFA charterholders.
knoronha tschorsch, very creative comment :)
pigletin wtf
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