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Under which circumstances can you trade using non-public information?
A. The information has been provided by a credible source.
B. The information will become public within 24 hours.
C. The information would not significantly impact security prices if disclosed.

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danlan Does the answer mean "non material"?
myanmar yes this means "non material"
Goran80 Can use non-public info when it would not impact significantly on the price
volkovv the only non-public information that is allowed for use is non-material; that leaves material non-public as prohibited
bvides How do you know the impact, shouldnt it be all nonpublic info prohibited?
gill15 If it doesnt affect prices it is no longer material - only material affects prices....but even this doesnt make too much sense...

they make a huge note about how if non public you must publicly disseminate it....once disseminated then trade....I guess they meant Material Non public has to be disseminated but with non public non material you can do whatever you want
davideme20 I guess this refers to Mosaic Theory.
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