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We can determine something about the skewness of a distribution by considering which of the following?
A. the sum of the squares of differences from the mean
B. the cubes of differences from the mean
C. the fourth power of differences from the mean
Explanation: This is the formula for the sample relative skewness.

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mc25456 skewness---cubes
pierreE14 skewness => cube because we need to keep the (+) or (-) sign of the deviation

If you square or use the 4th power, you would only get a (+) answer
Lamkerst the forth power --> kurtosis
Saxonomy ^1 = mean
^2 = variance
^(2/2) = standard deviation
^3 = skewness
^4 = kurtosis

Ok, I'm bored.
Saxonomy ^5 = (somebody will publish this by 2016 CFA book)
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