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Yields on nonconvertible preferred stock are usually lower than yields on bonds of the same company because of differences in ______.

A. marketability
B. risk
C. taxation
Correct Answer: C

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mtcfa As it relates to corporate taxation.
sarath corporate taxation allows 80% tax exemption on preferred stock dividends..
bahodir Can the yields on convertable pref. stock be higher than yields on bonds? I mean there is no need to point at nonconvertable stock.
papajeff I think this has more to do with shareholder taxation, meaning the dividend tax credit increase net return.
mjwoulf Just thinking out loud, but since the preferred shares are in line after bonds in case of a failing company - wouldn't risk also be a factor?
mjwoulf Oops - that was backwards.
vadfir Preferred stocks have a higher yield than bonds to compensate for the higher risk (bonds take precedence over preferred stocks in bankruptcy proceedings).

Interest payments on bonds are legal obligations and are payable before tax payments, dividends on preferred stocks are after-tax payments and are not made if the company is facing financial difficulties.

Tax-free for those in the 10% and 15% brackets to the extent qualified dividend income remains within those brackets.

Taxed at a 15% rate for those in the 25% up to 35% tax brackets.

Taxed at a 20% rate for higher income taxpayers whose income surpasses the 35% tax bracket.
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