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If lenders believe projects will likely produce valuable future cash flows, they may be likely to ______

A. contribute capital for equity.
B. raise the costs of borrowing.
C. ask the borrowers to pledge assets as collaterals for their loans.
Correct Answer: A

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Emily1119 Why a?
moneyguy The lender may be interested in receiving a percentage ownership in the project (contribute capital for equity). This would be a customized lending contract of some sort.
johntan1979 B and C will be the last things a lender will do for a company with bright future prospects.
joeclark I would go to B as "lender" but of course it will be usurious so A is the most apt answer.
MathLoser Produce valuable future cash flows -> lower risk -> no need to raise the costs of borrowing -> no need to ask the borrowers to pledge their assets.
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