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Ann just passed the Level III exam. Immediately after receiving the notice from CFA Institute indicating that she passed, she asked her employer to put "Ann, CFA Charterholder" on her name card. Is this okay? Why?
Correct Answer: No

Final award of the charter is subject to CFA program requirements and CFA Institute board approval. Since Ann has not yet received the notice of having earned the CFA charter, she cannot state that she is a CFA charterholder.

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HenryQ Ann, CFA Charterholder itself is wrong...the only correct ways are Ann, CFA, or Ann, Chartered Financial Analyst...
SuperKnight But assuming she got the charter I believe you can put, Ann is a CFA Charterholder?
Gooner7 @superknight, correct
quanttrader passing all 3 levels doesn't necessarily award you the charter -- ex you may have not fulfilled work requirements, etc...
abs013 You need the work experience.
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