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A CFA charterholder must comply with all laws and regulations relating to the use of material nonpublic information. "Material" refers to information likely to affect significantly the market price of the issuing company's securities or which is ______.

A. derived by the financial analyst from direct communication with an issuing company's management
B. acquired by the financial analyst as a result of a special or confidential relationship with the issuing company
C. likely to be considered important by reasonable investors in determining whether to trade a particular security
Correct Answer: C

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kalps I think the last choice is the most relevant answer although I would not necessarily say that it is the only true answer.
mtcfa The last choice is true by definition.
Analizer Materiality has a lot to do with "importance". None of the other answer choices has that word. Hence it is correct
TammTamm Because it would have the greatest effect if the information was given to the public.
AUAU Reasonable investors considered importance.
Gooner7 'materiality' has nothing to do with who divulges info/how it was attained. it has to do with the content of the info itself
raffrobb Material is relevant to the usefulness and impact on an investment decision rather than how acquired. Seems more the nature information and how pertinent or influential on a decision. Content seems to be the operative word, as pointed out by Gooner7.
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