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If the level of the interest rates goes down, which value(s) will rise?

I. The value of a callable bond.
II. The value of a call option.
III. The value of a put option.
Correct Answer: I and II

The value of a put option will drop.

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Rva100 If the value of a call option rises, wouldn't the value of a callable bond decrease?
davidt876 i'm with you Rva. the question's wrong:

value of callable bond = value of straight bond - value of call option

also who wants to pay more for a callable bond when rates are falling and it's ever more likely that the issuer will call the bodn and refinance at lower rates?? but tbh i like all the errors, keeps u on ur toes
michaelcfa The question is correct. Interest rates affect BOTH the value of the bond and the value of the option. When they go down, the value of a bond will increase (bigger impact), and the value of a call option will increase too (smaller impact). The value of a callable bond will increase.
davidt87 yeeeaaa i see that now
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