CFA Practice Question

CFA Practice Question

You wish to rank n different securities according to the deviation of the market price from your estimate of their intrinsic value. You are curious how many different ways this can come out. The counting method you should use is the ______.
A. permutation rule
B. multinomial formula
C. binomial formula
Explanation: The factorial method allows you to determine the number of ways of arranging n things. Initially, there are n choices for the first item, then n - 1 for the second, and so on. The number of combinations is therefore n! = n x (n - 1) x (n - 2) x (n - 3) x ... x (1). That is: nPn = n!/(n-n)! = n!.

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chuong How do we define the concept of permutation rule? Is it including factorial and permutation formular? please help!
tanyak number of ways of arranging n when the order of n matter - because there is talk or ranking the data
takor deviation of the mrkt price from estimate of intrinsic values suggests rank/order of data
LIEJON If r objects selected with regard to order (ranking), use PR
dcsmith i hope u guys all pass this exam :)
mrpman got a 79% overall without weighting any areas, got a 78% ranking. I ran through Schweser mock exams before which gave me a great knowledge, i also took notes on them. They prepared me for these tests, which seem a lot more difficult than the schweser mock exams. Hopefully the real test is more like schweser
ashish100 dayumnnn mrpman.. good score.

I got 71.5% for the overall score. and 67% ranking.

Im gonna set my benchmark at getting atleast 80% on the rest of the AN mocks now. Ty for the motivation.
pigletin I got 17% ranking and still passed the level one
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