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Which of the following provides the best explanation for diseconomies of scale?

A. The presence of fixed inputs
B. Reduced monitoring costs
C. Higher resource prices
D. Indivisible set-up costs
Correct Answer: C

Note: Indivisible set-up costs help explain economies of scale.

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Oksanata where did they get that invisible set-up costs for economies of scale? I see only mass production is more economical+specialization of labor+workers tend to learn more from their experience...What's that invisible set-up costs?
schweitzdm I am not sure, @Oksanata. I checked the CFAI book and didn't see it either, but I might have missed it!

The topic is discussed around page 127 of the Econ book.
Huricane74 @Oksanata:

InDIvisible set up costs are fixed costs.

From an accounting point of view, these are costs that all allocated based on the quantity produced or over a period of time.
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