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Macroeconomic objectives of fiscal policy include all of the following purposes except ______.

I. price level stability
II. full employment
III. changing the money supply
IV. sustained economic growth
Correct Answer: III

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zeiad good question
YOUCANDOIT The Fed's Goals are:
(I)- Keep Inflation low
(E)- Economic growth and full Employment
(C)- Moderate the business Cycle
gill15 Isnt this pretty much the same as monetary policy...price stability was the most important....secondary was monetary policy and growth...both are the same...

just cancel out money supply in this question...
gill15 I just did this question in the text: Least likely goal of government fiscal policy is to: Ensure the stability of the purchasing power of its currency. Explanation was fiscal policy is not concerned with this and monetary policy is

This AN question says it is one of their goals to keep inflation low. Thats why I`m confused.
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