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The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, attempts to set world oil prices by limiting the production of member nations. This is an example of a ______.

A. monopoly
B. duopoly
C. cartel
D. monopsony
Correct Answer: C

OPEC is the classic example of a cartel. Members attempt to coordinate their actions to act as if they were a monopoly.

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StanleyMo Gosh, they r causing the oil price per barrel more than 120USD now!! pity us please.
magicchip hmmm..develop alternative energy sources and let them drink their oil.
ilgibe It wasn't Opec.
It was a demand driven increase... and the first buyer was China, at least till the beginning of Olympic games.
EMerkert Federal Reserve...also a cartel
azramirza The reading says forming cartel is illegal...But OPEC is how can Federal Reserve be a cartel?
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