CFA Practice Question

CFA Practice Question

In terms of CFA Institute's Standards of Professional Conduct when dealing with the procedures for compliance per Standard I. B (Independence and Objectivity), which of the following are factors that would aid in complying with this Standard?

Analysts should:

I. Protect the integrity of their opinions.
II. Disclose all corporate relationships.
III. Disclose personal holdings.
IV. Never deal with family members.
A. I and II.
B. I, II and III.
C. II, III and IV.
Explanation: The following are considered good procedures to assist in complying with Standard I. B (Independence and Objectivity):
  • Protect the integrity of their opinions.
  • Disclose all corporate relationships.

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danlan III is not needed
mtcfa III relates more to Standard VIA: Disclosure of Conflicts.
clama I agree. Nowhere does it say under Standard I(B) that personal holdings must be disclosed ....
achu You don't GENERALLY need to disclose personal holdings - but if you covered a stock which you own , in that specific case then you would make a disclosure.
DashingDude I agree with achu
richmondo I couldnt remember this - I mistakenly said i ii and iii.
sh21 these questions are gross! and i am still on the first one!
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