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The best example of a local monopoly is ______.

A. the automobile industry
B. cable TV
C. the oil industry
Correct Answer: B

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cmisaac If you live in a town where oil is drilled, your local monopoly would be oil industry. Is there cable TV in Nigeria?
jerylewis good point!!
Mine come on!! there is cable TV in Nigeria, don't diss us like
chamad cable TV doesn't apply at all in Canada for example. The market is monopolistic (Bell vue & Videotron)
chamad Sorry I meant the market TV cable in Canada is Oligopolistic (2 big firms)
magicchip And Rogers. Dont forget Mr. Ted.
AndyBear U guys are keeping me entertained!
chris12345 i know someone who went to Nigeria, he said there was no cable tv and that there wasn't even electricity!!!!
8thlegend How is cable a local monopoly? You tube can blow the crap out of local cable competition any day.
bundy Cable TV is a monopoly simply because of high barriers, economies of scale, and Gov't has nothing to do with the quality!
DonAnd that's keeping it real! You guys are out of control! Anything to relieve the exam pressure I guess...
thekobe cable in MX is also oligopolistic, 3 providers
ezimokha Woah. Slow it down. Im from Nigeria and there is cable TV and electricity. The electricity in some areas of the country is not constant however, just like most developing nations.
choas69 i dont think cfa institute will choose such question to be in the exam.
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