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True or False? Price discrimination refers to paying unequal wages to workers based on gender.
Correct Answer: False

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cahiz84 That is called gender discrimination
Tashen111 Actually gender discrimination can be a form of Price discrimination... I.E offering cheaper car insurance to female drivers is not gender discrimination, but a form of price discrimination. The reason why the answer to the Question above answer is false is because it mentions "wages". Wages is not the price for "goods and services". It is the price for labor. Price discrimination is when a firm charges different prices for "goods and services" sold to different groups
MrFortei Nice One @Tashen111
Huricane74 @Tashen111

That is not always correct for the contract labor market. For example, in the entertainment industry, male actors, singers and athletes often get paid more than female actresses, singers and athletes.

For example, tickets prices for the NBA versus the WNBA.

I am not saying this is right, but people in these industries generally get paid for the revenue they can generate. However, there are female actresses, singers and athletes that often get offered less than their male counterparts even when they generate more revenue.
Antoinepo lol
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