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Select the correct use of the Chartered Financial Analyst and CFA marks.

I. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
II. On his name card, Andre states "Andre Labadie, cfa."
III. Cathy Labelle is a CFA-type financial analyst.
IV. Allan Lagda is a CFA (Passed Finalist).
A. II and IV
B. I and III
C. none of them
Explanation: I is incorrect because Chartered Financial Analyst (and CFA) designations must not be used as nouns.
II is incorrect because CFA should always be capitalized.
III is incorrect because the CFA designation has been altered.
IV is incorrect because a candidate who has passed Level III but has not yet received his or her charter cannot use the CFA designation.

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stefdunk Name, CFA is correct, as long as the typeface is the same, but CFA must be capitalized.
danlan CFA is correct and not cfa
krisscfa "John Smith, CFA", or "John Smith, Chartered Financial Analyst", is therefore correct.
krisscfa Richard is a CFA (or Chartered Financial Analyst) - WRONG!
Richard is a CFA charterholder. He earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. - CORRECT!
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