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Which step produces these outputs: adjusted financial statements, common-size statements, ratios and graphs?

A. Collect data
B. Process data
C. Analyze/interpret the processed data
Correct Answer: B

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Gleeder yes sir
JakeZ yes!!!!
sagrr yea
GouldenOne hummminnaa yeaahaahh
Shaan23 nooo....
ldfrench Hummmmina hummmmina humminnnaaaaa
ankurwa10 I do sound like the dumbest guy but should't the answer be 1. i.e. I collect these data. I don't prepare them. unless you stress on the word "output" in the question, which is to say that it my output on the basis of data collected?
leon121 ankurwa10...collecting data is equivalent to just taking face value the data...collecting = RAW...when you process data = editing the data and turning it to something meaningful.
jam2del Gonna have to review some more ^___^
GodofDeath Aye
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