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The international financial reporting standards framework identifies four qualitative characteristics that make financial information useful. They are ______.

I. understandability
II. relevance
III. transparency
IV. comprehensiveness
V. consistency
VI. reliability
VII. comparability
Correct Answer: I, II, VI and VII

Notice the difference between this question and the "characteristics of an effective financial reporting framework" one.

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3dmouse The answer is right (P109).

Note that on P679 it says
updated info
1. relevance
2. Predictive Value
3. Faithful representation ( an emphasis on economic substance over form, reliability , and completeness)
4. neutrality ( absence of bias)
5. verifiability

I think the textbook itself is not consistent in this subject.
gazelle Transparency,Comprehensiveness and Consistency are the 3 characteristics of a coherent financial reporting framework.
ybavly qualitative characteristics are:

U R Really Cool - URRC - saw someone post this earlier and it was helpful.
robbiecow nice one @ybavly
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