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From March 1981 to February 1983, the number of burglaries committed each month in a Georgia town was recorded. These are given in the chart below. Between months 12 and 13, a law requiring citizens to own a gun was enacted. Town officials felt that this law might decrease the number of burglaries by acting to deter criminals.

The mean number of burglaries for months 13 to 24 (i.e., those months after the law was enacted), is ______.

A. 2.83
B. 3.38
C. 2.5
Correct Answer: A

There were 34 burglaries over this 12-month period, which gives an average of 2.83.

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2014 24 - 13 = 11+ 1 = 12 short for number of observations
Antoinepo Start off by reading the question!
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