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Which of the following statements is not true?
A. Agency costs include managerial perquisite consumption.
B. Agency costs include the monitoring costs of shareholders.
C. The basic financial objective of managers is the maximization of shareholders' wealth.

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tony1973 C is correct: managers don't care the shareholders' wealth. They care about their own interest such as job security, compensation, etc.
examinee How is B correct? I thought Agency costs is about monitoring managers not shareholders.
fuller yes monitoring manager but it's the cost of shareholders. B is true.
rockeR This Q is quite tricky. The purpose of this Q is that inform you the actual goal of managers which causes the conflict of interest btw shareholders and managers.
mtcfa The basic financial objective of managers is to fill their own pockets.
sourav Basic objective of financial management is shareholder wealth maximization... not financial managers, no wonder some of us want to be financial managers.
naldo318 Very Tricky. Becareful
steved333 Um, the basic financial objective of managers is to maximize profit, not shareholder wealth. Pretty simple.
8thlegend Isn't this question a bias question? Not all managers really care for themselves.

I have met many managers with not short term gains but a long one.

C can be correct
georgek maximize profits, not necessarily shareholder wealth.
YOUCANDOIT this feels more like an ethics Q
frants54 Maximizing profits equals maximizing shareholder wealth. rockeR is right - the question prooves that manger's basic financial objective is maximising their own wealth before shareholder wealth. That is why the problem is reduced by offering mangers share options
jstid40 I think georgek is spot on. The key here is the difference between maximizing shareholders wealth and maximizing shareholder profit. The management can effect the profit of the shareholders they cannot effect the overall wealth of any shareholder. Just because my 500 shares of AAPL are doing well doesn't mean my 1000 shares of TSLA are.
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