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Based on uncovered interest rate parity, if the one year interest rate for Japanese yen (Y) is 3% and 5% for U.S. dollars, and the exchange rate is Y105.82 per dollar, what is the expected future exchange rate?
A. 103.7036.
B. 107.9364.
C. 105.8203.
Explanation: 105.82 x .98 = 103.7036.

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SMcalister My answer is 103.8044


I was very confused why I couldn't get to any of the answers.
janis36 The way you calculate it is covered interest rate parity. Question asks for uncovered interest rate parity.
birdperson rounding@smcalister and @janis -- explain the difference...
narayabh How did you get the 0.98?
akirchner1 I believe 103.8044 is correct. AN just rounded to .98 when calculating (1+3%)/(1+5%).
darbyland uncovered interest rate parity says the change in the future spot rate (f/d) = interest rate (f) - interest rate (d). Here, the domestic country is the US and the foreign country is Japan, making the change in the future spot rate = -2%. That is where multiplication by 0.98 is coming from.
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