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Which statement is FALSE?
A. The welfare loss suffered by the importing country is generally greater with a quota than with an import tariff.
B. A VER has the same impact on the importing country as an import quota.
C. The welfare loss caused by an export subsidy is greater for a small country than for a large country.
Explanation: A is true. The tax revenue that would be raised by the equivalent tariff is instead captured by foreign producers as quota rents. B is also true. In both cases, foreign producers capture all of the quota rents.

C is false. In the case of a large country, the world price declines as the large country increases exports. The decline in world prices implies that a part of the subsidy is transferred from the large country to a foreign country.

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dbalakos Guys anyone knows what a VER is?
agaller it's in the LOS bruh
nmech1984 What is LOS bruh? :P
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