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If an administrator had someone count the number of people in each room of an office building, this data would be what level of measurement?

A. nominal
B. interval
C. ratio
Correct Answer: C

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Gina this data is nominal/categorical, and hence A. it's the frequency/number of people per room. there is no ranking, no intervals...
Hamma But it has absolute zero unit. 0 people.
jminard The answer is ratio as you can rank the data, do ratio calculations.
Rozase yes... the thing is we can do calculation
ramborob What calculations can you do? The only thing you can say is that there are ? number of people in that roomand the average per room, but what does this tell you?

I believe the answer to this should be Nominal.
Cooltallgal It is ordinal since there can be an absolute "Zero" value in a room.
bwbarksdale ratio...for example, you could say that there are 3 times as many people in Room A as in Room B (intervals are equal and there is a true zero point).
cp24 ratio - there is an absolute zero value
bobert A percentage is a ratio, think about it that way. If you can get a percentage about something, it has to be a ratio. Example: 5 rooms lettered A through E, and there are 2, 1, 4, 3, 0, people in those rooms respectively. You can then get a percentage of people per room. Hope that clears it up a bit.
BandB Ratio, as it has meaning in it and it is interpretable and calculatable, example for Normial shoulde be, 1 stands for girls, 2 stands for boys. and there is not a true meaning to the numbers in the Norminal case
8thlegend If an administrator had someone count the number of people in each room of an office during lunch time, there will be 0. And yes such place exists.
johntan1979 Definitely ratio. It will be nominal only if you are asked to check whether a room is empty or not --> categorical.
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