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You have a bond with six years to maturity. The bond pays 10% coupons semi-annually, but the market demands a 12% return. If the market rate stays constant, what is the price path for years zero, two, four, and six?
A. $87.61; 90.06; 93.93; 98.21
B. $91.62; 93.79; 96.53; 100
C. $91.78; 93.93; 96.62; 100
Explanation: N=12, I/Y=6, PMT=5, FV=100, PV=?=91.62; N=8, PV=93.79; N=4, PV= 96.53; N=0, PV =100

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PedroEdmundo U don't really have to calculate if u notice that B is at premium and A doesn't end with the face value.
myanmar yes pedroedmundo, that's the only way to survive the examination
labsbamb U have to calculate for

smiley25 looks like a discount bond to me. C=10% Y=12%, calc n=6 and decide from there.
octavianus B sells at a discount
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