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Simpson is a financial analyst with Flanders Brokerage Company. She is preparing a purchase recommendation on Burns Corporation. Which of the following situations would represent a conflict of interest for Simpson and therefore have to be disclosed?

I. Simpson is on retainer as a consultant to Burns Corporation.
II. Flanders holds for its own account a substantial common stock interest in Burns Corporation.
III. Simpson has material beneficial ownership of Burns Corporation through a family trust.
IV. Simpson's brother-in-law is a supplier to Burns Corporation.
Correct Answer: I, II and III

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danlan Brother-in-law does not count as he is not considered as a DIRECT family member.
TheProfet I think what is key in distinguishing 'IV' from the others is that Simpson has no beneficial or pecuniary interest in his brother-in-law's business (not stated in the fact pattern). Therefore, it need not be disclosed. As a practical matter, it would be suggested that Flanders establish internal disclosure policies that requires information like this to disclosed in order for such circumstances to be evaluated by a Compliance officer of the Comapny.
julescruis Anyone noticed the joke? Simpson, Flanders and Burns. Very nice Analystnotes, hope there´s more...
Challs look at his post...supplier...can he seriously have material information about his company in his current capacity? Yes, but let's be real here...
dblueroom Is brother-in-law an immediate family member? Interest is one consideration, while another consideration is whether the person has influence on your objectivity, which is more a concern of Professional conduct I(B), not here.
Tommytang what does it mean "Simpson is on a retainer..."?
makisupa43 D'oh!
johntan1979 As stated in the Standard, only these conflicts need to be disclosed:

- Material ownership in the member's firm's investment account;
- Market-making activities;
- Corporate finance relationships;
- Directorships

Supplier, janitor, coffee-maker... these relationships are not of conflict of interest.
johntan1979 Keywords: ALL matters that reasonably could be expected to impair the members' ability to make unbiased and objective recommendations.
marianne1 retainer as consultant is too
walterli Mr. Burn will take over everything
jhollar Simpson would never work for Flanders Brokerage Company. Therefore this question is hogwash
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