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Which of the following is incorrect?
A. The sum of deviations from the mean always equals zero.
B. For a sample, the mean absolute deviation can never be equal to the standard deviation.
C. A t-distribution does not have a finite standard deviation.
Explanation: Mean absolute deviation will be equal to standard deviation for a sample with an equal number of two discrete values (all deviations of equal magnitude, half positive and half negative). In other situations standard deviation will exceed mean absolute deviation.

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czar why?
toyo Could anyone show example?
simonbenfrech Example: 4 observations and Standard deviation computed as a population(n) one and not a sample one (n-1)


Mean =20/4 = 5
MAD = (5+5+5+5)/4= 5
VARIANCE = (25 *4)/4 = 100/4= 25
Std.Dev = 25^(0.5) = 5
CQFD MAD = Std. Dev
Vlz2103 When all the numbers of a distribution are the same all measures of variance are 0...although simon's example is better lol.
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