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All of the following increase pension expense except ______.

A. service cost
B. interest on the liability
C. amortization of prior service cost
D. actual return on plan assets
Correct Answer: D

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dblueroom actual return on plan asset doesn't affect reported pension expense, however does reduce economic pension expense.
DariSH Economic pension expense as in liability-side funded status?
davidt876 thanks dblueroom
davidt876 is it that in a defined benefit pension, the positive return on the pension assets means you can pay less cash into the fund, but the accounting expense is the same. just some of the accounting expense is paid for by the return on the assets?
davidt876 i'm really stuck on this.. the rest of the questions suggest that actual return is subtracted from pension expense. so i think this question assumes that actual return on pension assets is positive and therefore reduces pension expense - anyone?
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