CFA Practice Question

CFA Practice Question

Beaumont Bearings is analyzing two mutually exclusive projects with the following cash flows. Its cost of capital is 9%.

Which project(s) should Beaumont choose?
A. Project X
B. Project Y
C. Both
Explanation: When choosing among mutually exclusive projects, a company should go with the NPV criterion. In this case, project X has a higher NPV (6,320) than project Y (5,648). The IRR method should not be relied upon for such projects.

NPVX = -10,000 + 8,000/(1.09)1 + 7,000/(1.09)2 + 4,000/(1.09)3 = 6,320
NPVY = -5,000 + 3,000/(1.09)1 + 2,500/(1.09)2 + 7,500/(1.09)3 = 5,648

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smillis Why not both projects? They are both NPV positive and there is no constraint on dollars spent?
angy557 smillis, mutually exclusive means they can only choose one project. X has higher NPV
mc01 these calculations are not hard so the only way to get us to make a mistake is by expecting us not to properly read these questions.
makatang damn it! missed the mutually exclusive :(
harpalani Another way of looking at it: I would choose project X because it returns higher cash flows in earlier years as compared to project Y. Project Y returns higher cash flows in only in later years.
MaresaJaden Harpalani, I don't think you would necessarily know that X as the answer due to the initial cash outlay of project X being double that of Project Y.
ecapocas You can eyeball this. Note WACC is relatively high, and X has both a greater scale AND cash flow returns are front loaded.
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