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If the capital markets are efficient, then the sale or purchase of any security at the prevailing market price is ______.

A. always a positive NPV transaction
B. generally a zero NPV transaction
C. always a negative NPV transaction
Correct Answer: B

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dugi why?
01121975 Because the stock is fairly valued: no risk-adjusted excess returns. So, you get exactly what you pay.
accounting 01121975 is correct
kutta2102 I think it depends on what the NPV is composed of. If the stock price moves up next year based on the company's investment in projects with > 0 NPV, the capital gain could turn the transaction into positive NPV if the gain was more than the discount rate appropriate.
adamzell but then transaction costs would make it a negative NPV transaction.
malemu Surely the npv should be positive.
johntan1979 No arbitrage
jonan203 zero NPV = market rate of return = efficient market

positive NPV = greater than market rate of return = inefficient market

negative NPV = less than market rate of return = you suck at investing...j/p
davcer the mkt value is similar to intrinsic value, so npv should be similar to 0
obuyajosh Attention to the wording "always"
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