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According to CFA Institute's Code of Ethics, members must practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will ______.

A. reflect credit on members and their profession
B. add value for clients, prospects, employers, and employees
C. encourage talented and ethical individuals to enter the investment field and maintain the excellent reputation of CFA Institute and its members
Correct Answer: A

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kalps Got this wrong the first time, members must practice and encourage other to practice in a professiona and ethical manner that will reflect credit on members and their profession
Haiqing i thought it was B first.for i thought the sentence behind the question "serve your clients well". it seems i havn't caught on the meaning of the question. be careful
Shevchenko I thought it was C but A is right because of CFA Institute doesn't want us to be self-serving.
johney I thought B. In fact, the A answer is a little self-serving after all, no?
awuzie when u practise & must be for self development
mpoki Yes,it reflect value of members and their profession.
lynx yeah, it is B. but, after some reflection, A would answer and clarify the phrase 'encourage others' further.
passtest "add value" would surmount to "contractual obligation" so it is not the best answer.
SamehHassan Correct Answer : A.
By promoting the code of Ethics and Practice it all the time will encourage every member to follow the same. That add credit to CFA members and the whole profession and increase the Trust between members and clients/investors.
xyzanand This is more of a member-to-member communication and thus A seems to be the better choice.
mallang that was a sharp 1ne. i thought its B but u guyz r right. IT's A.
geok thought the ans was B as well. Got be careful as the choices given are quite tricky
AUAU Easy!
It's one of the code. May need hard memory.
michlam14 i think b can apply in the standard of professional conduct? but A is definitely for code of ethics
alester83 tricky, i thought it was B as well
Amrokken First try got it right
japheth Why is there no provision for us to choose our answer before checking for the correct answer? Please create a checkbox for one to tick ones option before confirming it.
MADZIGONDO trick question, I thought B was Correct
923029 I can see why it is A. From an ethical perspective the objective is to 'reflect credit' on members and the profession. You may not add value due to outside events [Ukraine] etc .... but you are acting on the most accurate and unbiased information available at the time.
Doing whats right will encourage fair minded people to enter the profession.
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