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CFA Institute's Standards of Professional Conduct state that a financial analyst shall not, when presenting material to others, copy or use in substantially the same form, material prepared by another person without acknowledging its use and identifying the name of the author or publisher. The analyst, however, may use information from other sources without acknowledgment if the information ______.

A. includes the analyst's own conclusions
B. is only being reported in a one-on-one client presentation
C. is only being reported to the analyst's employer or associates
D. is factual information published in recognized financial and statistical reporting services
Correct Answer: D

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kalps Cannot even report such info to employer, however in firm stuff can be reported to client without acknowledgement
buzai2000 why not "a'
teddajr Inclusion of own conclusion, does not qualify the ownership/source of information from other sources (without acknowledgment).
Hence A is incorrect.
quynhnk79 Why not B? In the reading, there is statement that it is OK if distributed to client and prospects without citing the sources, right?
sanyukta plagiarism my dear
sanyukta and also for b, if it is smth developed by someone in ur own firm, u do not have to attribute but in exam, i think, we shud never make assumption that probably the analyst was using smth developed by his colleague, always think broad..
nayagan I think B is not terrible, but D is definitely correctly, and explicitly stated in the reading!
bantoo Please make it clear why A is not correct answer. what is bad if i use my own conclusion. please make this clear.
Raok Make sure you are choosing the BEST answer, there is only one correct answer to the question and the best choice is D because of the word "factual"
alester83 You are only allowed to not source publically available statistics. For example, if i said the S&P 500 was down 4% i do not have to reference that or if i said a bond holding had a AAA rating i wouldn't have to source Moody's.
shash0678 A is incorrect since one can copy an entire report and just add/modify the conclusion and publish it in a different name - def not done

B is incorrect since its plagiarism, doesnt matter if its in a one-to-one communication or in a publicly issued report, or to an employer (C)

So, D is the only correct answer ...
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