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The capital gain or loss on a bond that you bought for $85.75 four years ago and sold today for $89.50 is ______.

A. a capital gain of $3.75
B. a capital loss of $3.75
C. a capital gain of $.9375
Correct Answer: A

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rfvo How do they get $3.75?
Spawellian 89.5-85.75
moneyguy come on, rfvo.............
johntan1979 I think I will crap in my pants if I see these kind of questions in the CFA exam, and vomit blood if anyone couldn't solve it.
jonan203 rfvo, cereal?
gill15 Sometimes and really in this section compared to ALL OTHERS....I read these comments and feel as if I'm going to get a 100 on the exam.
Shaan23 Gill - I agree.

I think some people maybe skipped right to section 16.

This section and the last section has taken me maybe 30 minutes so far. We've already done all this material
timkalt Well, well...I was looking for a yield which was missing after taking all the Qs before.
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