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If a researcher was conducting a paired difference experiment for a sample size of 100 with a 90% confidence interval, which of the following test statistics would he/she use for a two-tailed test?
A. z0.05 = 1.645
B. t0.05 = 1.66
C. z0.1 = 1.28

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mtcfa It has to be B since a paired comparison test requires a t-table.
cfaeater So we use the t-table, then look at 120 df (as this is the closest to 100 in the df column), then look down the .10 significance column for a two tailed test and come to 1.658?

Are we all in agreement?
homersimpson oh t table ...
thanhb91 The book suggests that we use z only if population variance is known; otherwise, use t for small and large sample. Z can be use as an alternative when sample size is large (>30)
Emanco Since we don't have the standard deviation, directly we choose the t statistic.
nmech1984 Guys z or t or x table is not provided when you are examed.
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